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    Our History-It all started in 1951 when MICHAEL (Malam Tanko) an Aba baker, produced loaves of bread and was sampling the product in showcases for sale. M.O.NNAJI bread was born.

    The ingredients for our production are selectively picked from well known suppliers that have been tested over time for reliability and consistency.

    Since then, M.O.NNAJI bread has continued to change with the times, In 1961, , M.O.NNAJI bread had it first sliced bread, inspiring the phrase "best thing since sliced bread" and this changed the history of the company forever. Those periods, slicing machines were expensive and out of reach so we resorted to using bread knife for slicing of bread, so M.O.NNAJI bread set a big pace with its sliced bread.

    During the war the bakery facilities were used by the military to produce bread for the feeding of the soldiers hence all the equipments of the company were intact after the war.

    The period from 1970 saw the growth of the bakery industry in Nigeria as a result of change in the life style and eating pattern of the average Nigerian. Consumption was high and this resulted in need for more output.

    The arrival of the millennium saw the need for regulation in the industry with NAFDAC prescribing the how and what to do in the industry. It was in tandem with the company's QoS and it complemented its efforts with the modern bakery equipment that enhanced production and made our products healthier. HACCP and best manufacturing practice is adhered strictly. Enrich white bread took the bread industry on a turn for the better and M.O.NNAJI bread was among one of the first to fortify white bread with eight essential vitamins and minerals.

    Nutrition information began to grace our packaging in the 2003. And in 2004, a new reduced-calorie bread launched with its name as Master Baker loaf. It was lunched with the "AWESOME TASTE MIGHTY NUTRITION" ad campaign, which reminded consumers that our product is also nutritious.

    Today, at close to 61 years old, M.O.NNAJI bread is still the soft, delicious and nutritious bread your family has always loved. Now we offer more than 7 different products.

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